Tuesday, 30 April 2013


“My friend just got raped by her tutorial coach, what do we do?”
“I was raped by my neighbour, I told my mother but she refused to believe me. What do I do?”
“My daughter was raped so I shaved her hair and beat her up so that it won’t repeat itself and no rapist will be attracted to her”
These reports are just less than 1% of the cases we have to deal with everyday on issues concerning rape. From our experience we have realized that many people are still ignorant about what to do in a rape situation. People say there is a rape epidemic in Nigeria but the reality is that rape has always lived with us since time immemorial; we are only witnessing an increase in the reporting of rape cases. Most families like to keep it covered up and let abusers go free which has resulted to more rape by the same abuser. How can you explain a case of a Father who raped all his daughters and went on to rape his 15month old granddaughter? If such a man was apprehended when he committed the first act, his other daughters, granddaughter and other undisclosed girls would not have fallen victim. 
When it happens in our neighbourhoods the response people give are usually “if na me eh, person go die this night, if na me eh, I go cut his thing, if na my sister eh, the thing wey I go do, I never know am.” Before you think we made this up, this was the exact response we got when a 10 year old was raped in her neighbourhood. All hands are on deck to end this menace, more victims are summoning courage to speak up but it is not enough. If every Nigerian knows what to do in case of rape, we would have less rape incidence, less unwanted pregnancies and a decrease in the number of people with HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI).

It’s normal to see people reading this who would say, “Tufiakwa! God Forbid! It is not my portion! Back to Sender!” no one ever wishes for rape but in case it happens around you this is what you should do:

·      Emotional Support: Victims must realize and be reassured that the rape was not their fault. Give a listening ear to the victim and don’t blame them, punish them or accuse them of lying.

·      Preserve The Evidence: Do not shower, wash the clothes and underwear, brush your teeth, drink anything, eat, wash your hands, douche or urinate until after you have had a medical examination. Doing any of the above will destroy evidence (things that your attacker may have left behind, such as fibers, hairs, saliva or semen). Save all of the clothing you were wearing at the time of the assault. Place each item of clothing in a separate paper bag. Do not use plastic bags because the heat in them may destroy your evidence like semen. Do not clean or disturb anything in the area where the assault occurred. This will be hard because victims want to shower and feel refreshed but it will help you get justice.

·       Get Medical Examination: this is very important and must be done in a Government hospital. Only government hospital reports are admissible in court. Victim must be given access to Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) to prevent HIV infection and this should be taken within 48 hours and is available at every government hospital. Morning after Emergency Contraceptive can be prescribed to greatly decrease the chance of pregnancy. Take a change of clothes to the hospital because they will need to keep the clothes and underwear worn during the assault for evidence.

·    Report to the Nearest Police Station: Reporting to the police is crucial in the quest to get justice and keep the abuser behind bars. Every time we lock up a rapist, we're preventing him or her from committing another attack. It's the most effective tool that exists to prevent future rapes. Victims should go to the police in the company of a trusted family member or friend.

·    Get professional counselling for the victim. Counselling is the first step to recovery and victims need that to heal and transition successfully. Victims of rape are more likely to suffer depression, low self esteem, guilt, sleep disorders, insecurity etc.

Over to you guys, share your comments, suggestions, advice or questions with us below.

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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Guardian tortures 12-year-old girl for getting raped

Chibueze, The injured leg and The victim
The Ogun State Police Command has arrested a guardian, Edwin Alagbaso, for allegedly torturing a 12-year-old rape victim.
Alagbaso, who used razor blade, knife and an iron rod to punish the victim, blamed her for “causing the rape”.
 A 22-year-old man, Uche Chibueze, who raped the minor, was also arrested by the police.
PUNCH Metro learnt that Chibueze, on April 15, 2013, had sex with the victim near the home of her guardian located at number 1 Magente Street, Pipeline, Akute.
Chibueze, however, told our correspondent that he did not rape the victim since it was consensual.
He said, “I was at a friend’s gathering when she came to me saying she had spiritual problem and wanted to know her real family. I told her that she should follow me to Solution Church which was nearby and she agreed.
“On our way to the place, I took her to a corner of the street and took off her clothes. I also took off my shorts and I had not fully penetrated when a resident caught us and raised the alarm. I tried to flee but they apprehended me. I explained to them that it was not rape but they did not listen to me.”
It was learnt that Chibueze and the victim were taken back to Alagbaso’s house. The guardian in a rage picked a knife and stabbed him in the palm.
“The man (Alagbaso) went for a kitchen knife and wanted to kill me, but I grabbed it from him. He, however, stabbed me in the palm,” Chibueze said.
Unable to do anything with the child molester, Alagbaso was said to have picked a razor blade and inflicted injuries on the scalp of the 12-year-old.
Not done, he allegedly used an iron rod to beat the victim and later used a knife to cut her in the legs.
As the victim was reportedly bleeding from the head and other parts of the body, the residents, who had been pleading, intervened and took her to the hospital.
The residents also invited policemen from Ajuwon Division.
Alagbaso, however, told PUNCH Metro that he beat the victim to prevent her from being raped in future.
He said, “When I got home from work, I looked for her everywhere but did not find her. She left my three little children at home alone in the dark and went out with Chibueze. It was while she was out with him that he raped her.
“I punished her by shaving off her hair so that she would not look attractive again and men would not want to rape her in future. I also beat her so that she would not go out without permission because if she dies, people will blame me since I was the one that brought her to Lagos.
“I did not mean to beat her up to that extent, but I was angry. It was the devil that pushed me to beat her so much. However, the police do not have the right to detain me since I am the guardian and I have the right to correct her.”
Our correspondent, who visited the victim at Comforter Hospital, learnt that she was responding to treatment.
The victim said although Alagbaso’s wife was her aunty.
She said, “He beat me up so much that I thought I would die. He brought me to Lagos in 2010 but I only started attending school some months ago and he does not allow me to go to school all the time. Sometimes, he tells me to stay at the shop.
A copy of the medical report made available to our correspondent read in part that her ‘vaginal hymen was partially intact’.
It stated further that she sustained injuries to the scalp, swollen fingers, bruised abdomen and swollen eyes and mouth.
The Director, Project Alert on Violence Against Women, Dr. Josephine Effah-Chukwuma, said the victim should be taken away from Alagbaso.
She decried the rise in cases of child abuse and rape and commended the police for the timely intervention.
When contacted for comment, the spokesman for the state police command, Muyiwa Adejobi, confirmed the incident.
He said, “The rapist and the guardian are both in custody. The guardian has a case to answer for inflicting injuries on the victim with razor blade. They will be brought to book.”

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Husband, mother-in-law arrested for wife’s murder

The Lagos State Police Command has arrested a 31-year-old man, Isaac Ajisegiri, for the alleged murder of  his wife,   Endurance.
Also arrested are  his mother, Florence, and  sister, Esther.
 PUNCH Metro learnt that Endurance was killed at her home located at 1 Ajani Salawu Street, Shasha, Lagos,  on Saturday.
Police authorities said she was slit in the throat with a knife in her  kitchen.
 The victim’s brother, Caleb Agbobonye, told our correspondent that the marriage was fraught with problems before  the couple   reconciled recently.
 He said, “They have been married for about four years and they had a child together. They also run an education consulting firm not too far from their house.
 “Problem started after Isaac was accused of having an affair with one of their employees. They fought over the issue for quite some time. She even moved out of the house but they later reconciled.
“On Saturday, one Stanley, who happens to be Isaac’s friend, came to pick her (Endurance) from the office, saying her husband’s family were waiting for her at the house to  resolve a dispute.”
 Agbobonye  said on Sunday morning, Stanley called Endurance’s relatives informing them that she was dead and that her body  had been taken to Crystal Hospital.
 Our correspondent, who visited the couple’s home, learnt that the matter was reported at Shasha Police Division on Sunday.
 Some neighbours said on  the condition of anonymity reported the case to the police.
 Asked if the couple had a history of domestic violence, one of the neighbours said, “There are four flats in this compound and we all mind our own business.
 “We don’t know if they fight. All we know is that we saw the family carrying her corpse and we observed that her neck was slit so we went to report at the police station.”
 At  the station, policemen on duty said the matter had been transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department, Yaba.
 When our correspondent visited the Homicide Department of the SCID, the suspects were seen writing statements.
Isaac however told PUNCH Metro that his wife killed herself with the knife.
 The indigene of Kogi State said on the day of the incident, she was acting crazy and would not listen to pleas from the family.
Esther and Florence however did not speak as they looked dumbfounded.
Police sources told our correspondent that investigations were ongoing, adding that Stanley was at large.
Director, Project Alert on Violence Against Women, Dr. Josephine Effah-Chukwumah, told our correspondent that her agency had taken up the case.
Effah-Chukwumah lamented that violent crime being perpetuated against women had risen in recent times and said it was time people were more involved in fighting the menace.
 She said, “Marriage is not a do-or-die affair. Anyone who is in  an abusive relationship should feel free to walk  out. The neighbours and the police also need to be more involved in this battle so that we can prevent deaths or harm to people.”

Rape: Ogun bars director from orphanage

Atunde and  The victims
The Ogun State Government on Tuesday ordered the founder of the Light of Hope Orphanage, Pastor Olatayo Atunde, to stay away from the premises of the home located in Akute, Ifo Local Government.
In a statement signed by the Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Development, Mrs. Elizabeth Sonubi, the government also directed that victims, who levelled the allegation against Atunde be handed over to government-owned care centre.
Atunde had been accused of sexually abusing two teenage girls and other children in the orphanage which is still undergoing registration process by the state Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development.
The government said its decision followed a four-and-a-half hours interview sessions which a panel it set up had with all parties in the case, including the victims, Atunde, his wife, representatives of the complainant, Project Alert and Mrs. Peju Osoba, Coordinator of Child Protection Network Committee in Ogun State.
The state panel was headed by the Attorney General of the state, Mrs. Abimbola Akeredolu, while the other members are Sonubi, Commissioner for Information and Strategy Mr. Yusuph Olaniyonu and Special Adviser to the Governor on Millennium Development Goals, Mrs. Hafsat Abiola-Costello.
The statement reads in part, “It is only fair that Pastor Atunde stay away from the orphanage to prevent interference with investigation or obstruction of the cause of justice. The Ogun State Government, however, assures all Nigerians and the rest of the world that it would get to the root of the case and ensure that justice takes its rightful course.
“The state government is out to ensure that children and other less privileged members of the society, who are not in a position to defend themselves enjoy adequate protection under the law,” it said.
Executive Director, Project Alert, Mrs. Josephine Effuah-Chukwuma, in a telephone interview, confirmed the government’s decision.
She said, “All the parties involved met in Abeokuta today with the state government. The government expressed its appreciation to Project Alert for the role they played in exposing the incident and caring for the victims.
“However, it was their decision that the girls be handed over to a government-owned care centre and this we have done. We have been promised that the case would be followed to a logical conclusion.”

Monday, 15 April 2013

Ogun horror Orphanage: Owner started raping me at 10 — Victim

Atunde and  The victims
Female inmates at the Light of Hope Orphanage describe how the owner of the orphanage allegedly raped them repeatedly.Eniola Akinkuotu and Tope Omogbolagun report
 From the outside, the Light of Hope Orphanage in Akute area of Ogun State looks like every other orphange.
The facility which was founded in 1996 by Mr. Olatayo Atunde receives donations from multinational companies, non-governmental organisations, and other concerned members of the public. The orphanage, also has a nursery and primary school within the premises.
However, recent sexual allegations by some of the female inmates seem to have shattered the positive image the orphanage once enjoyed.
It all started when two young girls from the home told their secondary school teacher that they were raped by Atunde, who runs the facility.
One of the orphans 14-year-old Atinuke (not real name) said Atunde, popularly referred to as, daddy, by the inmates, slept with her and many other girls at the orphanage.
Atinuke, who is now in custody of an NGO, Project Alert on Violence Against Women, said she lost her virginity to Atunde at the age of 10 and has lost count of the number of times he has had sex with her.
She said, “Daddy started sleeping with me when I was 10. I have two blood brothers at the orphanage who I reported to but they have not been able to do anything about it. On one occasion, when he was sleeping with me, I ran into another room but he chased me and warned me never to run away from him again.
“I also reported the matter to the orphanage administrator, Aunty Hannah, and she said she would address the matter but daddy continued to rape me. Daddy usually raped us around 2am in his room. His wife does not always sleep in his room. She sleeps at the crèche where the younger orphans are staying.”
Atunde was also alleged to have sacked one of the employees at the orphanage that dared to challenge him. Another orphan, Salewa (not real name), told SUNDAY PUNCH that she was barely 12 when Atunde started having sexual relations with her.
She said she had a sister at the orphanage who was in the university. She added that she had caught Atunde having sex with another orphan.
“Daddy has been having sex with at least 10 of us. We are mostly between the ages of 8 and 14. I reported to Aunty Hannah and when she challenged daddy, he laid a curse on me,” she said.
The PUNCH had reported that at the instance of Project Alert, the police at Zone 2 Command had begun investigations into the matter and had arrested Atunde, who was later released on bail.
Our correspondent, who visited the orphanage at No 2, Tunde Senbanjo Street, Akute, observed that the orphanage was deserted and the gate was locked. Neighbours told SUNDAY PUNCH that Atunde had relocated some orphans to different locations.
A resident, who is an employee of the orphanage said, “After Atunde’s release, he hired some trucks to move the orphans to different locations so that if the state government shuts down the orphanage, he would still be able to operate directly or through a representative.
“Atunde receives donations from banks, multinationals, churches and other members of the public and the smartest thing for him to do right now, is to relocate the children and open another orphanage in a different name if possible, he said.
“Most of the girls were relocated to another property within the area while others were taken to the Shangisha area of Lagos State. The police should not have granted him a bail.”
The Ogun State Ministry of Women Affairs said the orphanage was not properly registered.
The Director, Social Welfare Services, Olumide Sotunbo, said although Atunde claimed that the orphanage was founded in 1996, the ministry only got to know about the home last year.
Sotunbo said the institution could not be described as an orphanage because orphanages were meant for orphans, but that investigations showed that many of the children had parents.
He said, “In 2012, Atunde wrote us that he wanted to register his orphanage and in August, we gave him the requirements and told him if he could meet them in six months, we would approve the orphanage. Most times, when people come to us saying they want to register an orphanage, we try not to be too stern because if we do that, they may change location and you might not be able to contact them again.
“On March 14, 2013, we went to inspect 14 orphanages and Hope Orphanage was the only one whose records were not intact. Atunde claimed some of the orphans were brought to him by churches and some of them had lost their mothers at childbirth but they have fathers. We learnt that some of the orphans have parents that gave them to Atunde willingly for unknown reasons and he accepted them. This is not how to run an orphanage.
“We then told him to go and get a police report stating this and we gave him three weeks to do this. It was while we were waiting for this that the allegation of sexual assault came up.”
The Director, Child Development at the ministry, Salimotu Otun, said the state governor, Ibikunle Amosun, had shown interest in the case.
Director, Project Alert on Dr. Josephine Effa-Chukwuma, also said the matter would be pursued to a logical conclusion.
Effa-Chukwuma, who stated that cases of rape had increased drastically in recent times, said the two girls had suffered psychological trauma and had been receiving daily counselling.
She berated the police for the manner with which it had carried out its investigations.
“We were told that there are many other girls that have been defiled by Atunde and yet the police released him and allowed him to continue to run the place. That orphanage needs to be shut down,” she said.
Atunde could not be reached on phone for his comments as it was switched off. However, the orphanage administrator, Hannah Atunde, who is Atunde’s daughter, said the allegations were baseless. She blamed Project Alert for initiating moves that would bring woes on the home.
Hannah said the children had not been relocated and that the home still operates normally.
She said, “We were not aware of the allegation before daddy was arrested. After he was interrogated and released by the police, we tried to question the girls but Project Alert people took them away.
“We believe that it is Project Alert that is spearheading this and hopefully, the truth shall come out. The orphanage is still being run and everything is going smoothly. I don’t believe any child was raped.”
Our correspondent learnt that the girls had been taken to Lagos State University Teaching Hospital for medical examination. Result of the tests carried out showed that the vaginal hymens of the girls were no longer intact and that the victims have Pelvic Inflammatory Disease which requires urgent treatment.
Effa-Chukwuma said since it had been established that the two girls were brought to the orphanage at the age of two, the orphanage must explain how they lost their virginity.
The Police Public Relations Officer, Zone 2, Femi Balogun, confirmed that investigations were ongoing. Balogun however said it was too soon to conclude if Atunde was culpable. Asked why Atunde was released on bail, he said, “The instruction given to us is that suspects should not spend more than 24 hours in detention and that was what we did. We do not have enough evidence to charge him to court yet but investigations are ongoing.”

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Driver rapes 15-year-old housemaid, blames the devil


The Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps has arrested a driver, Olusegun Ajayi, for allegedly raping a 15-year-old housemaid in Arepo, Ogun State.
The NSCDC authorities said the suspect had canal knowledge of the girl which caused her to bleed for two days.
Ajayi, however, told PUNCH Metro that his act was not rape since the victim consented. The suspect, who claimed to be a devout Christian, said he did not know the victim prior to the incident.
He said, “On Saturday night, I was returning from a party and was about to enter my house when I saw the girl sitting outside. I asked her what she was doing outside late at night but she said she was working in a house not far away from my workplace and was sent to buy sweets by her employer.
“She said she was locked outside and that she had been knocking for hours but no one came to open the door for her. I then told her to follow me to an uncompleted building on the street. On getting to the building, we saw a mattress there which had been left behind by labourers. I asked her if she could sleep alone there but she said no.
“So, I went back to my house to get a wrapper and a pillow. Although my wife was not at home, my mother-in-law was around. So, I left her with my children and told her I would not be coming back that night.”
Ajayi, who claimed to be a father of three, said on returning to where the victim was, he laid beside her and began to caress her.
He said the victim did not resist his attempt but requested for money before she would allow him to sleep with her.
“I don’t know what came over me but I found myself touching her and she did not resist. Rather, she said I should pay her N10, 000 for sex and I promised to give it to her the following day. However, a few minutes into the sex, she started bleeding profusely which scared me,” he said.
The indigene of Lagos State said he went back home to get drugs as well as toiletries which he would use to stop the bleeding.
He said when it was daybreak, he set out for work but was summoned back home after which the employees of the victim accused him of rape.
“I was on my way to Iporni in Lagos when my wife called me that people were asking of me at home. When I returned home, residents just started beating me before handing me over to the civil defence,” he said.
In a desperate plea to the civil defence authorities, the suspect said he did not know that the victim was a minor. He added that his predicament was the handiwork of the devil.
“I have three children, including a daughter. I would never have touched that girl if I knew she was 15. I am a devout Christian and I am a responsible man. The devil preyed on my weakness and I promise never to do such again,” he said.
A source at the NSCDC, who craved anonymity, said the victim was taken to hospital and that the bleeding had stopped.
She however added that investigations were ongoing and that medical report would determine what happened.
“We believe that the victim was not only raped but the suspect must have done something to her because she lost so much blood. Once the medical report is out, we will know the next line of action,” she said.

Source: http://www.punchng.com/metro/driver-rapes-15-year-old-housemaid-blames-the-devil/

A 7-year-old’s Ordeal In The Hands Of Rapists

There is no let-up yet in the incidences of sexual defilement in Nigeria. Seven-Year-old Chideira Jaja was a recent victim of sexual defilement. The men who allegedly violated her were aged 43, 21and 19.
Chideira and her aunt, Ngozi, recount the little girl’s ordeal in the hands of those who sexually violated her.
Seven-year-old Chideira Jaja is a precocious girl. She is ebullient and intelligent. But beneath this little girl’s liveliness and enthusiasm is a serious pain that only love and counselling from discerning and adults can heal.
The pain is a direct consequence of how she was sexually violated by three paedophiles. And these unscrupulous adults, 43-year-old Kassim Mohammed, Oluwatobi Daramola and James Aniekan were alleged to have serially defiled the little girl between July 2012 and January 2013.
Oluwatobi and James were said to be about 21 and 19, respectively although they allegedly claimed to be 17.
Her ordeal started in the hands of her alleged defilers when she was about six years old.
Two of the men, James and Tobi, had already at different times been arraigned at a Magistrate Court in Lagos for the alleged defilement.  The arraignment of Tobi was held weeks after that of James.
Tobi was arraigned on a one-count charge of unlawful sexual intercourse with the hapless little girl.
The charge sheet reads: “That you Daramola Oluwatobi ‘m’ between July 2012 and January 13, 2013 at Idowu Egba, Ikotun, Lagos in Lagos Magisterial District had sexual intercourse with one Chideira Jaja “f” aged 7 years and thereby committed an offence punishable under Section 137 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State of Nigeria, 2011.”
The journey from the period of Chideira’s alleged defilement up to the time the suspects were arraigned was a thorny one for the poor girl.
Chideira who lived with her aunt Ngozi Tracy Ugwu and her husband, at 2, Oladipo Close, off Lawani Ogunle Street, Greenland Estate, Isheri area of Lagos, herself narrated what she suffered in the hands of the men.
“My uncle (her aunt’s husband) and I were going to the shop. Tobi saw us. He then greeted my uncle. I also greeted him.” But the next day, my uncle told me to stay at home, eat and do my homework. My uncle said he would be back at home that he wanted to collect money from his shop.
“I went downstairs to buy biscuit. Tobi then saw me. He then greeted me ‘Fine girl, how are you?’ I said ‘fine.’”
Chideira said Tobi asked her if he could buy her anything. She said he bought her gala (a brand of beef snack) and a bottle of Coca-Cola.
“The day after that, Tobi and James came again without the small boy. They now put their wee-wee (penis) inside my bum-bum (private part).
“Tobi left but Kassim used his wee-wee for me. He said that if I shouted he would kill me with the knife. When Kassim had finished, he said I should show him my bathroom. I showed him and he bathed. After bathing, he said I should bring a glass cup.  He shared the Five-Alive. He gave me four rolls of gala while he took two.
Chideira said she did not report all these things to her aunt and her husband because Kassim threatened to deal with her if she mentioned his name.
Explaining the situation, Chideira’s aunt, Ngozi said the ordeal of her niece started when she travelled to Abuja where she preferred to be delivered of the baby in her womb.
She said that she was in Abuja between June and August last year, and even had to return to Abuja for medical attention because some complications developed after she had given birth through a Ceasarean section.
Chideira was left in the care of her husband and a cousin while she was in Abuja.
Meanwhile, the family of Chideira who no longer has any trust in the ability of the police to prosecute the three suspects is making efforts to get the Lagos State Government to take over the case from the police.

Source: http://www.leadership.ng/nga/articles/51898/2013/04/11/7yearolds_ordeal_hands_rapists.html

Why Rape Is On The Increase —Lagos PPRO

Ngozi Braide: Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer
Ngozi Braide: Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer
The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Ngozi Braide, has blamed unwillingness by some rape victims and their parents to prosecute the case for the increase of the crime in Nigeria.
She said this in Lagos on Thursday in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).
She said, “as long as rape victims and their parents refuse to show interest in prosecuting the case, the offenders will go scot free and more of such crime will happen.
“The victims of rape or defilement are the main witnesses the police need to send the offenders to prison.
“The case is a serious offence under Nigerian law. An offender could be sentenced to life imprisonment if found guilty.
“We have many people who should be behind bars for violent crimes against women.
“But because the people concerned are not willing to come forward to assist the police in prosecution, they are walking freely and even committing more of such crime.
“If offenders are not punished, many others will be bold to commit such a crime.
“It is unpardonable for a man to defile his underage daughter. Such experience will remain in the mind of the child for ever. Such a man should be punished as deterrent to others.
“The problem we have is that the same people that reported the case to the police would still turn around to settle with the offender.
“Some women, whose daughters were raped or defiled by their husbands, are the ones pleading for their release. In this case, what do you want the police to do?” Braide queried.
The PPRO called on parents, particularly women, to show concern and stand behind their wards to prosecute rape offenders.
She stressed that if the crime remained unchallenged, there would be the possibility of its increase.
She disclosed further that about four cases of rape and defilement by some men against their daughters were recorded since she assumed duty in Lagos command in the last nine months, and nobody had been prosecuted.
“Parents should know that they are not helping their children by accepting to settle out of court.
“They are killing the future of such children. You cannot quantify the pains encountered by the victims with monetary settlement.
“My advice for women is that they should rise to fight any form of abuse against women, particularly rape and defilement.
“The victims and the minors cannot help themselves; their parents must therefore stand for them.
“The police is willing to prosecute any case if those with useful information about the case would be willing to come forward with evidence,” Braide added.

Mechanic charged with gang-raping teenager

The police in Lagos on Wednesday charged a 30-year-old mechanic, Taofik Ogunshola, with leading a five-man gang that abducted and raped a teenager.
Ogunshola, who gave his address as Alasia, Kpako Estate, Ajah, Lagos, is facing a nine-count charge of rape, kidnapping and robbery before a Tinubu Magistrates’ Court.
The Prosecutor, Insp. Chidi Okoye, told the court that Ogunshola and the four others, still at large, committed the crimes at 9:00 p.m. on April 7 near Splash 155 Restaurant at Sangotedo in Ajah.
Okoye said that the gang kidnapped the 19-year-old in front of the restaurant, drove her to a nearby bush and raped her.
“The gang also stole her money (N7,070) and her handset and forcefully kept her in the bush until 5:00a.m. the following morning.
“Ogunshola then gave her his phone number to memorise, and asked her to call him anytime she wished. It was that number that she presented to the police when she reported the matter,” Okoye submitted.
The prosecutor said that the crimes contravened Sections 409, 358 (1) (2) (4), 263 (1) (2), 266, 261 (1) (2), 259, 136 and 134 (1) (92) of the Criminal Laws of Lagos State, 2011.
Ogunshola, however, pleaded not guilty to the charge.
The Magistrate, Mrs Oyindamola Ogala, granted him bail in the sum of N500, 000 with two sureties in like sum and adjourned the case to May 5 for mention. Rape in Nigeria attracts a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

From Anger to Action! Let’s Stamp out Rape

Posted on Wednesday, April 10th, 2013 at 11:15 AM
By Ijeoma Ekoh
As an academic and activist, engaging in frank and uncomfortable discussions about topical issues is a part of my everyday existence. Yet no political issue has been the source of sustained frustration, anger, and emotional upheaval as much as the crisis of sexual violence and rape in Nigerian society.
Often while exchanging thoughts and opinions with my Nigerian sisters and brothers on this problem, I find myself too overwhelmed with anger and thus forced, uncharacteristically, into silence. Or I may become so frustrated with the dismissive way that rape and sexual violence is treated, that the conversation invariably ends up being unhelpful in the building of awareness and consciousness. What usually follows then is anger at the unconstructive nature of the dialogue and my inability to persuade the other individual to reflect more critically on the issue.
But as the famous human rights activist and educator Audre Lorde reminds us, not all anger is unproductive, in fact, there are “uses” of anger (Lorde, 1984/2007**). As she puts it, “anger expressed and translated into action in the service of our vision and our future is a liberating and strengthening act of clarification” (p. 127).
To be sure, when it comes to the crisis of rape in Nigeria, there are numerous reasons to be angry. There is the matter of those Nigerians who readily dismiss rape as a non-issue despite piles of evidence to the contrary. The resistance that is put up by those who undermine its significance in relation to the structural inequality, corruption, and massive unemployment that plague the daily lives of most Nigerians. And then there is this overwhelming tendency amongst many of us to individualize the problem of rape and to separate it from the broader devaluation and oppression of women in Nigerian society.
Oftentimes in these discussions, the perpetration of rape and sexual violence against women is not of paramount significance. The issue that is deemed important is the regulation and control of women’s bodies and sexualities by the dictates of the state, men and by religious authorities.  And so it becomes not unusual to hear those who place the onus of responsibility on women, urging them to morally discipline themselves and pursue more “righteous” paths to avoid being sexually violated by unclesfathershusbandsarmed robbers, and so on.
And so, reflecting on the current state of affairs, it is no wonder that anger emerges as the overpowering emotion.  However, unlike before, I now believe that this anger can become the impetus for concerted political organizing and mobilization for those discerning Nigerians who are outraged at the scourge of sexual violence that threatens the everyday lives of our sisters in the country. Following in Audre Lorde’s footsteps I have resolved that this anger need not be incapacitating. It need not drive one into silence and inaction.
It can be redirected as the energy and motivational force that inspires us to plant our feet firmly on the battleground over women’s right to their own bodies and sexualities. My continued anger is thus a testament to my commitment toward the eradication of this social plague. Until all women in Nigeria are granted the human right to determine their sexual and bodily autonomy, I choose to remain angry.  And these are three reasons why you should be too!
Firstly, the issue of rape and sexual violence is not removed from Nigeria’s broader socio-economic issues but is a part of it. Studies have shown that rape is more prevalent where women have relatively low economic autonomy. This  means that Nigeria’s rising poverty rate of over 61% (and women make up a  large proportion of the poor),  would aid the further entrenchment of sexual violence in Nigerian society.
Moreover, it is becoming impossible to divorce Nigeria’s culture of corruption from its culture of sexual violence and this is true of all Nigerian institutions. Within Nigeria’s corrupt educational system, women’s sexual autonomy is daily trampled upon by administrators, instructors and by students themselves. Within the criminal justice system, women are at risk by a legal system that continues to sanction marital rape; that fails to effectively prosecute sexual violence against women; and by political and legalrepresentatives that readily blame the victims of rape. In Nigeria women are unsafe even while in police custody!
What does this all mean? It means that the oppression of women in Nigerian society must be understood as being compatible  with the systemic oppression of all of Nigeria’s working-class and peasantry by the political and economic elite. It also means that those who call for radical changes in the current political and economic status quo must adopt a holistic understanding of oppression in which women’s genderedoppression is a significant part.
Secondly women’s rights are human rights. So if you are truly angry at the gross human rights violations so characteristic of Nigerian society then you should also add the violation of women’s bodies and sexual autonomy to your list. If you are angered by the denial of our rights as citizens to freely elect representatives without coercion; the militaristic restrictions on our freedom of speech and expression; and the class warfare which leaves the majority of Nigerians vulnerable to exploitation by the kleptocrats then you should be angered by Nigeria’s failure to take women’s rights seriously.
If you are angry at the disregard for the human rights of the poor by the corrupt law enforcement, judicial and political systems, then you should raise your voice stridently in anger at those who would deny women the human right to engage only in consented sexual activity.
A third reason to be angry is the absence of comprehensive and accessible statistical data on rape and sexual violence in the country which doubly injures survivors of rape. Further, the sparse statistics on reported sexual violence renders the suffering of so many women and girls across the country invisible.
While the gathering of statistics is not something that Nigerian authorities do well, this negligence becomes especially criminal with respect to the issue of rape. This state of affairs is perhaps why so many Nigerians remain ignorant of this crisis and are startled when instances of rape, like the Abia State Universityincident, are exposed in the open. Yet despite this denial, and its accompanying institutional erasure, Nigerian women know that it exists.
We know this from our individual and collective experiences. We know that the culture of shaming, aided by religious moralizing, which holds victims of rape and sexual violence responsible for their suffering, silences those who would come forward with their stories.
We know that Nigerian society is one where women are socially and economically prosecuted and punished for being victims of rape. And we know that our government’s silence and failures on this issue, despitereports by Amnesty International and other international organizations which attest to its existence, speak to the state’s complicity in the continued sexual oppression of women.
So if your mother, aunt, sister, friend, wife or daughter has been a victim of sexual violence and has seen her experiences of trauma denied and erased by the state, then you too should be angry!
Yet our anger is just the beginning. As Audre Lorde reminds us, we should also “tap that anger as an important source of empowerment” (p. 130), to aid us in envisioning a different future society. This would be a society in which women’s bodies are not sites of masculine displays of power, objectification and dehumanization. It would be a just national community in which women are recognized as human beings.
The question that remains is, how will you and I tap into our anger?
***Lorde, A. (2007). Sister outsider. New York, NY: Crossing Press Berkeley. (Original work published in 1984)
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Source http://www.bellanaija.com/2013/04/10/from-anger-to-action-lets-stamp-out-rape/

Paedophile, 48, remanded after assaulting baby 15 mths old

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Cyriacus Izuekwe
A 48-year old Nigerian paedophile, Slyvester Ehiyele, who allegedly raped his own daughter, 7, and 15 month-old grand-daughter has been charged to court and remanded in prison custody at Ikoyi in Lagos State, southwest Nigeria.
He was charged before Yaba Magistrate’s Court with indecent assault, defilement and unlawful carnal knowledge of the victims.
The police in Lagos State had paraded Ehiyele for the alleged crime and thereafter the matter was transferred to SCID, Panti, Yaba for further investigation where he allegedly confessed to the crime.
Ehiyele allegedly defiled and raped the victims at his house at Kolawole Sebili Street, Iyana-Ejigbo, Lagos when he was alone with the victims.
Sylvester-Ehijele: paedophile
Sylvester-Ehijele: paedophile
He was however caught after the baby started crying persistenly and blood was coming out from her private part.
Ehiyele ‘s wife, alleged that she kept her granddaughter who is 15 months old with her nanny and when she returned home, she noticed that the baby was crying.
On inspecting her body, she noticed blood stains on her private part.
When she asked what happened, her seven-year-old daughter said it was her dad that did it.
The daughter also alleged that he had raped her on numerous occasions.
The girl said her father, Ehijele, had sex with her several times, adding that he used to promise to buy her goodies and toys before the act.
She said he usually had sex with her on a daily basis whenever her mother was not home. “Whenever my mom is not at home, he grabs me, forces his hand over my mouth and then inserts his penis into my private part. He promises to buy me a car, cake and biscuit but he doesn’t buy anything for me.
“He also threatens to use a knife to remove my eyes anytime I threaten to report to my mother.”
The victims were later taken to Isolo General Hospital where doctors confirmed that they had indeed been deflowered.
The matter was reported to the police and Ehiyele was arrested, paraded and charged to court on a five-count charge of indecent assault, defilemen and rape under the Criminal Code .
When the matter came up, the court transfered the matter to a family court because of the age of the victims.
Ehiyele was remanded in custody pending when the court will determine the matter.
When P.M.NEWS visited his home, the residents were not surprised about what happened.
Some of them told P.M.NEWS that his wife left him because of the same attitude and after much plea, she came back and now he had defiled the victims.

Source: http://pmnewsnigeria.com/2013/04/09/paedophile-48-remanded-after-assaulting-baby-15-mths-old/



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