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Rape: Man Remanded For Impregnating 15-yr-old

A Kuje Magistrate Court in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) has remanded a 24-year-old mason, Mukailu Ajibe, for impregnating a 15-year-old student.

Ajibe, who resides at Anguwan Gade in Kuje, is facing a two-count charge of abduction and adultery.
The presiding judge, Mr Azubike Okeagwu, remanded Ajibe after he pleaded guilty to the offence and adjourned hearing till Dec.12 for sentence.

Earlier, the prosecutor, Sgt. Niyiom Ishaya, told the court that the report was lodged at the Kuje Police Station on Oct. 16, by one Mr. Ismaila Jezhi, who resides at Local Education Authority (L.E.A) in Kuje.

Ishaya said that on the same date the complaint was filed, the complainant had reported that his daughter was missing for a week.

When the complainants’ daughter returned home she said she was with Ajibe at Anguwan Gade Area. She was discovered to be pregnant and said that Ajibe was responsible.

The prosecutor said that during police interrogation, Mukail admitted that he was responsible for the pregnancy.

Ishaya also said the offence contravenes the provision of sections 272 and 387 of the penal code.


13-YR-OLD GIRL’S HORROR: ‘My stepfather serially raped, impregnated me!’

Parents and adults generally have responsibility to care for, educate, and discipline children but when the children begin to detest the parents, then the situation calls for concern.

13 -year-old Blessing Chia allegedly fell victim to regular beating by his step father, Mr Benjamin Richard, 35, who, as she claimed, later lusted after her.

The allegation by the girl that the step father serially raped her to the point of her getting pregnant is a subject of police investigations.

Blessing told Sunday Vanguard, “The first time my mother was not around, he took cane and was beating me and told me that if I messed up, he would kill me, that if I shouted or if my mummy heard anything about it, he was going to kill me.

“So the one that happened on Thursday, November 13, 2014,   I told him that I would tell my mummy and I dared to see if he would kill me. So l told my mummy.
Richard,the suspect, strongly denies allegation

Richard,the suspect, strongly denies allegation

He raped me four times, the first time was when my mother travelled to Makurdi, Benue State.’’

Blessing’s mother, Mrs Grace Richard, 30, said her daughter reported to her that the stepfather raped her but her husband denied it when she confronted him.

She confirmed that it was during the period she traveled to her home state (Benue) and left her daughter in the care of her stepfather that he first allegedly raped her.

‘’That was two months ago when I travelled to Makurdi and she told me immediately I came back,” the mother said.

“My husband denied and even threatened to beat me black and blue if l ever asked him such a question again”.

Grace said she was not, in the real sense of it, married to the father of Blessing whom she had at the age of 17 before the father died in a motor accident last year.

Blessing’s mother said she and her current husband have been together for four years during which she had a boy child for him. The boy, she said, lives with her mother-in-law.

Mrs Martina Moses, Grace’s elder sister, told Blessing’s story to Sunday Vanguard.

‘’I was in Gwagalape on Thursday when my sister called me around 5pm to help settle an issue Blessing had with a neighbour over SIM card.’’

She continued: ‘’While in their house, I saw my sister’s husband and I asked him where my sister was. He said my sister was on her way to home, that he sent her to collect money from a friend.

‘’I then asked after my niece, Blessing. Richard got angry and said the girl was very stubborn, that he was going to tie her up in a room before dropping me off . He said if he didn’t tie the girl up, she would run away. He tied the girl’s hands and feet in my presence. I pleaded on my niece’s behalf with his stepfather to no avail.

‘’Later that night, my sister came to my house around 11pm and I asked her what she was doing outside that late. She told me that her husband was threatening her.

‘’Grace was afraid to go back home because she was sure Richard would beat her up. That prompted her to go to her elder sister, Martina’s house, so that Martina could follow her back home in order to stop Richard carrying out his threat of beating her. And because it was late in the night, Grace was forced to pass the night at the elder sister’s place.

‘’The following day, being Friday, Martina sent somebody to Richard’s place to bring Blessing. But rather releasing Blessing to the man Martina sent, Richard took the girl on his motorcycle to Martina’s house himself.

‘’On getting to Martina’s house, Blessing ran into her aunty’s arms, and wept profusely after which she claimed that her mother’s husband raped her four times.

‘’After listening to Blessing, Martina said she took the girl to Richard and asked her to repeat what she told her inside in the presence of the stepfather and Blessing repeated everything.

“Right there, l told my sister and her husband that the rape issue will not be swept under the carpet. l asked my brother to go and report the issue at a police station, but my brother advised that we first report the matter to Richard’s mother. It was then that Richard’s mother said we should take Blessing for test, and that took us to Aso police station where we were referred to Nyanya police station since the alleged rape took place in Nyanya.

“When we got to Nyanya police station, the police interrogated the stepfather and he denied yet again. It was at that point the police locked him up.

‘’The police told Richard that the only thing that could save him was if the result of the test indicated that Blessing was still a virgin, but the test showed that Blessing had not only been deflowered but also pregnant. Meanwhile, the police that had the hospital report with them did not disclose the number of weeks Blessing has been pregnant.

‘’We went back to the police station the following day after Richard was detained, only to be told that his father had bailed him.

‘’On getting back to Richard’s house after he was bailed, he tried to convince his neighbours to accept that Blessing was wayward, but his neighbours refused to play along with him. Rather they claimed they heard Blessing screaming on that Thursday but did know the reason.’’

The investigating police officer, IPO, in charge of the case, who did not want her name mentioned, told Sunday Vanguard that Blessing was indeed pregnant but that investigations were in progress.

At press time, Richard had been re-arrested by the police.


Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Police arraign man for rape, abortion

A thirty-year-old man, Sherif Afolabi, has been brought before an Apapa Magistrate’s Court for having unlawful carnal knowledge of a 16-year-old girl.

It was learnt that Afolabi defiled the teenager, who was said to be a virgin sometime in December 2013 in the Ilogbo, Ajangbadi area of Lagos.

PUNCH Metro gathered that the girl, who had kept mum about the act, became confused when she noticed that she was pregnant a few months later.

Our correspondent learnt that Afolabi allegedly aborted the pregnancy when the victim informed him of the development.

The victim’s parents, it was gathered, reported the incident at the Ilemba-Hausa Police Division when the girl became unconscious due to the effect of the drug Afolabi gave her.

The defendant was subsequently arrested and arraigned before the magistrate, Mrs. O.I. Adelaja, on two counts bordering on rape and abortion.

The charges read, “That you, Sherif Afolabi, on December 2013, at the Ilogbo area of Ajangbadi, in the Apapa Magisterial District, did have unlawful sexual intercourse with a 16-year-old girl (name withheld) and defiled her virginity, and thereby committed an offence punishable under Section 137 of the Criminal Laws of Lagos State of Nigeria, 2011.

“That you, sometime in 2014, at about 10am, at the Ilogbo area of Ajangbadi, in the aforementioned magisterial district, did unlawfully procure abortion of an unborn child by terminating the pregnancy of a 16-year-old girl (name witheld), and thereby committed an offence punishable under Section 234 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State of Nigeria, 2011.”
Afolabi, however, pleaded not guilty.

He was admitted to bail in the sum of N200,000 with a surety in like sum.

“The surety must tender to the prosecutor, evidence of tax payment to the Lagos State Government and his/her residential address must be verified,” Ajangbadi added.
The matter was adjourned till December 1, 2014.

I specialize in breaking into homes to rape housewives

Dutse—Jigawa State command of Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps, NSCDC, has arrested 30-year-old Umar Mohammed of Sakwaya village in Dutse Local Government Area for breaking into people’s homes to rape their wives.


According to NSCDC, the accused person confessed that he specialized in breaking into people’s houses in the area at midnight to forcibly rape housewives.

Commandant of the Corps, Dr. Muhammad Gidado, who disclosed this while parading the man before the press in his office yesterday, said he had received several complaints about late night rape cases.

He told newsmen that the suspect had admitted to jumping through perimeter fencing to break into homes, not to steal, but to rape women.

The commandant said since the accused person confessed to the crime, it made their job easier, adding that the suspect would be arraigned in court on completion of investigation into the matter.

Dutse—Jigawa State command of Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps, NSCDC, has arrested 30-year-old Umar Mohammed of Sakwaya village in Dutse Local Government Area for breaking into people’s homes to rape their wives.
According to NSCDC, the accused person confessed that he specialized in breaking into people’s houses in the area at midnight to forcibly rape housewives.
Commandant of the Corps, Dr. Muhammad Gidado, who disclosed this while parading the man before the press in his office yesterday, said he had received several complaints about late night rape cases.
He told newsmen that the suspect had admitted to jumping through perimeter fencing to break into homes, not to steal, but to rape women.
The commandant said since the accused person confessed to the crime, it made their job easier, adding that the suspect would be arraigned in court on completion of investigation into the matter.
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How I Impregnated My 14-Year Daughter

The girl-child has always been mapped out as endangered species in a world that no longer knows the boundary between morality and infidelity. This is why the clamour for protection and guidance for the girl-child has risen in leaps and bounds. However, despite all the checks put in place by the government and different non-governmental organisations, this fight seem to be on the loosing side as stories abound of abuses meted out to these youngsters.
Surprisingly, most of this abuse stem from loved ones, family members and close family friends and this was the case recently when a father chose to toe the part of a beast by abusing the trust reposed in him by virtue of his position as a father.
For 14-year-old Kehinde Onajobi, her dreams and aspirations to finish school seemed to be shattered, not by poverty or financial lack, but in the hands of her father whom instead of chasing the wolves away from the doorsteps of the growing teenager became the wolve in desecrating his daughter.
For the 50-year-old farmer, Yesiru Onajobi from Bogije in Ibeju Lekki Local government Area of Lagos State, he blamed his moments of madness on the fact that the daughter always slept naked. According to him, “we have been living together since when she was a little girl and we always sleep in the same room. I started sleeping with her last December because she was always naked in the night when she wants to sleep.” Whatever happened to fatherhood, some observers wondered as he spoke to journalists.
Speaking through an interpreter, Onajobi said he was sad for what happened. Stating the reason why he used his daughter as a sleeping partner, he added that since his wife died 4 years ago, he longed for female companionship but none was forthcoming. When asked why he resorted to his daughter, he blamed the devil.
Speaking to THISDAY, Kehinde who was carrying her four-day-old baby appealed to the government to come and take the baby from her, so that she can get her life back on track as she could not even breastfeed the baby. The reasons for this is that it is an abomination in her town and so the innocent child would have to rely on baby food instead of breastfeeding which is what the new born needs now. Perhaps, this influenced her reason of not yet naming the baby girl.
Disclosing how the nefarious activity that left her pregnant and finally, the delivery of the baby for her own father, Kehinde said, “My father came to me in the night and slept with me. I told him that I might get pregnant but he said I will not.”
To get the motherless girl not to disclose to anybody what was going on, Kehinde claimed her father threatened her with death if another person should be privy to the affair. According to her, “he told me that I would die if anybody knows what is happening between us but along the line my twin brother knew but he didn’t tell anybody until I got pregnant, then he went to report to our relatives.”
THISDAY learnt that in a bid not to get her pregnant, the man resorted to sleeping with her four days after her menstrual period but fate, as always, had another plan because despite the man’s carefulness, his daughter came to him one day with the disturbing news that she was pregnant. Kehinde added that he took her to the hospital where she was confirmed pregnant and he told her to carry the baby to term. She said, “when people were looking at me and mocking me, I told him that I had missed my period and he took me to the hospital and it was true so he told me to keep it.”
The bubble burst one day as the man’s family stormed their quarters demanding to know who put her in the family way. Kehinde, who could not point out her father as the culprit told them that it was someone else. Undaunted, the family members who had earlier been told by Kehinde’s twin brother, Taiwo, tied up the man and took the teenager to another place where she confessed the sordid details to the shock of the family.
Commenting on the sad incident, the Deputy PRO, Samuel Jinadu said,” when the villagers realised what happened, they sent Yesiru out of their village and he ran to Elemoro Police Division and gave a fictitious account but on closer investigation by the DPO, he found out that he impregnated his daughter. The villagers sent him out of the village because he had committed an abomination which is strange to their culture.”
He advised that grown men and women should desist from such barbaric acts that would taint the kids throughout their lifetime. According to him, “instead let the adults preach morality to their children. This case is a clear case of defilement of a minor and it would be duly taken to court and let the court met out justice to the offending party.”
However, a conflicting story of the man’s arrest by an officer who didn’t want her name in print stated that the man was apprehended when he wanted to smuggle the baby out. According to her, he took the baby and was about boarding a bus, when the passengers got suspicious and wondered what an old man like that was doing with a young baby.
Fielding questions, he gave out different accounts and this aroused the suspicion of the passengers and they dragged him to Elemoro Police Division in Lekki, where he was probed until he admitted the truth. The arrest of the 50-year old father, raises questions of those not yet discovered or known as this acts has on countless times been brought to the public glare by acts of providence.
Many argue that the girl-child’s care and protection should be taken more seriously than ever before.


Saturday, 15 November 2014

‘Uncle’ raped me for four years – 16-yr-old house help impregnated by master

No one could have imagined that 16-year-old Gloria (not real name) was just two weeks away from the delivery of a child on September 3, 2014.
“I noticed her neck was full and darker, those were the only signs I saw. So, I asked if she was pregnant. Her expression and answer showed she had no idea she was indeed pregnant,” a neighbour who unravelled the mystery of the pregnancy told Saturday PUNCH.
Gloria, a year one senior secondary school student, lives with his married brother unaware that she was about to become a mother. But buried deeply in the girl’s heart was a painful secret she had never told a soul.
The inquisitive neighbour was unconvinced. She approached Gloria’s sister-in-law, who also expressed the same concern that she was afraid the girl might be pregnant.
“The sister-in-law had even taken the girl to the hospital and had her urine tested for pregnancy. But the test was negative. But I insisted we take her back to hospital for a blood test instead. I even had to pay for that,” the neighbour, who pleaded anonymity, said. The test result was positive. Gloria was pregnant.
With threats, pleading and persuasion, Gloria’s brother, Obi, tried to get the truth about who was responsible out of Gloria, but the little girl was too afraid to tell the truth.
Saturday PUNCH decided to withhold the identity of the girl and those of her relations because she is still a minor according to provisions of the Lagos State Child Rights Law, 2007.
The same neighbour, who had been friends with the family for some years, eventually got the girl to tell the truth, which shocked the girl’s brother.
When our correspondent spoke with Gloria on Thursday, there was no sign that she could have been the mother of the child she held in her arms.
Timid and innocent, she looked at the floor as she spoke softly, delving into the account of a sexual abuse she had gone through in the last five years.
When Gloria’s brother brought her to Lagos seven years ago from their village in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, it was to give her a semblance of a better life, different from the pathetic one she was said to be living in. Their mother had just died at the time, while their aged father back in the village was not doing too well financially.
“She was living with me along with some of my friends at the time. Things were still rough for me and I was single.” Obi said.
Not long after this, Obi’s good friend from Anambra State, a trader living in Mangoro area of Lagos named Ugochukwu Okparanta, said he would take over the care of the girl to ease the financial burden off his friend while the girl would help his wife with house chores.
“I was nine when I started living with Uncle (Okparanta). But two years after I got there, he started raping me,” Gloria began. “He started one day when I was washing plates and he started to touch me in the private part and breast.”
The girl became tearful. Her voice shook and trailed off. But our correspondent assured her that she was not going to be in trouble of any kind by telling her story. Then she continued.
“He started by petting me, telling me I would like it. I refused and became afraid. Then he threatened me. He would tell me that I would be in trouble if I did not do what he wanted,” Gloria said.
Asked why she could not report the problem to her brother, the girl said she thought nobody would believe her.
“If I told Madam (Okparanta’s wife), she would say I lied against her husband,” Gloria explained. Then came one night, while her boss’ wife slept in the couple’s room, Okparanta sneaked out to the room Gloria shared with his own daughter, an older girl.
She said, “He told me to follow him to the sitting room. I obeyed. He raped me and while he did it, I was about to scream, but he covered my mouth with his hand very tightly. I was bleeding when he finished and I became more scared but he smiled and said the blood was normal.
“After that, he would rape me almost every night. Madam did not know anything. Anytime I refused, Uncle would threaten to deal with me. There was a day I refused and when I greeted him the following day, he did not answer me.
“He reported me to his wife that I had become pompous in his house and that I no longer greeted him.”
This sexual abuse would continue for four years, according to the girl, until 2013 when his brother got married and brought her back to help around the house.
However, in January 2014, the sexual abuse the girl had kept secret and thought was over would come back to haunt her.
“His wife had just had a miscarriage and I was sent to go and help her for a few days. But in the afternoon, when his children had gone to school, he dragged me to his children’s room and raped me,” Gloria said.
Few days before that day, our correspondent learnt that Gloria’s brother had even gone to his ‘magnanimous’ friend, bearing a bottle of wine, to thank him for taking care of his sister over the years.
“I did not know in my wildest dream that the man I see as my friend would do such a terrible thing to my sister,” he said.
Nobody knew what damage had been done until September 2014 when the symptoms of pregnancy started to manifest in the girl’s body.
“She is one of those people who could be pregnant and her flat tummy would not make anyone suspicious. I thought that if she was pregnant, it would be in early stages and could be aborted. I had no idea that she would deliver in a few days,” the neighbour told our correspondent.
The day Gloria gave birth, the girl who knew nothing about motherhood was in labour for hours in her room and thought she was having a stomach ache.
She only screamed when her water broke, it was learnt. But she had a crisis-free delivery and gave birth to a healthy baby boy.
“I have never had sex with any other boy before. I can swear on my life,” she said.
When Gloria’s angry brother and other relations confronted Okparanta with the rape allegation, he denied initially.
“He later admitted that he slept with her only once,” Obi said.
When Saturday PUNCH spoke with Okparanta on the phone, he initially went from feigning ignorance to outright denial.
But when he was asked why he sent a cheque of N50,000, to the girl’s brother, he hesitated a little and admitted he raped the girl once.
“It is a lie that I started sleeping with her since she was 11. Even last year, I did not sleep with her,” Okparanta said.
“Yes, I gave her brother a cheque because they were accusing me that I was responsible,” he continued.
But did he think he could be responsible since he has admitted sleeping with the girl?
He said, “I only slept with her once in January and she was not a virgin at the time. That was the last time I did it. I was not the first person to sleep with her. I am not the one that deflowered her.
“I was sleeping in the sitting room at the time. I just felt someone touching me. I just did not know how I slept with her after that. I hated her since then.”
Our correspondent asked if it was true that he and his wife had accused the girl of being possessed, Okparanta said, “I did not know what came over me that made me sleep with her. I told his brother after the incident that he should take her to a church for deliverance.”
He told our correspondent that he did not tell his friend that he ever slept with his sister.
“No, I did not. I just hated the girl and felt she should not have made me to do such a bad thing. I am currently discussing with the family to see how we can take care of the baby if indeed I am responsible.”
Child rights activist, Esther Ogwu, who had taken up the case, said taking responsibility for the care of the child was just a first step.
Ogwu, who is the Executive Director of Esther Child Rights Foundation, said, “We are working to ensure that justice is done in this matter. But the welfare of the mother and child is paramount. We are taking the matter to the police, who will invite Okparanta for interrogation.
“But it is necessary for families to be wary of the environment where children they put children they bring to Lagos from their villages. Many of such children often times are abused by adults who take advantage of their ignorance and innocence.”



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