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Child Sex Horror .The online pictures that shocked the world


If you think child pornography is merely internet-based and a perversion that is prevalent in faraway foreign countries, then you have to change your opinion after watching this sordid video that was allegedly recorded somewhere in Warri, a major city in the Niger Delta. Those who watched this video were filled with dismay, disgust and disbelief mixed with a quantum of rage.
The child porn video, four and half minute-long, shows two young children – a girl of about 11 years old and a boy not quite five years old, both of them stark naked, actively engaged in an orgy of  sex. The debauchery, which took place inside a makeshift structure, was discreetly recorded by a ‘peeping tom’ who later uploaded the sickening video. According to scant information, the sinful act took place on May 18, somewhere in Iyara, Warri, Delta State.
What is most amazing about the dirty act is that the delinquents neither fumbled nor bungled their wild experiment with sex. Rather they carried on like “kid porn pros”, doing the unthinkable and exploring sex in ways and manners beyond their years. With the girl taking the lead, the boy acquiesced and complemented her posturing that saw them making out various positions, which included mutual masturbation and oral sex. The whole sequence speaks volume about prior rehearsals and repeated intercourse that may have become a habit and a pastime.
The obnoxious child sex video not only annoyed and shocked Nigerians, but it also triggered strong emotions, similar to the furore generated by the infamous ABSU five gang rape video. Since it hit the blogosphere during the week, it has sparked an online frenzy on Twitter, Facebooks and BlackBerry Messenger.
Many parents have been venting their angst and anger. Adebayo Asonibare, a 46-year-old businessman was very visceral about his feelings: “When I first heard about it I thought it was a joke, but I checked it out on a link sent to my BBM. And I was dumfounded. The professionalism displayed by those two kids, means they must have been watching pornographic content somewhere. God help us. What is this world turning?” he exclaimed.
For Uchechukwu Nwosu, a secondary school Biology teacher, it was a wake up call: “I left my office and went home at break time, and I first ransacked my children’s room. Thank God, I didn’t find anything incriminating in their room. Just yesterday, I unsubscribed the BBA channel from our DSTV. You never can tell where these our young children get these toxic ideas from. After seeing that horrible video, I knew those children have been watching too much pornography somewhere.”
Cecilia Njoku, 43, a mother and a full housewife referred to the video as ‘a gory sight’.  She asserted: “To be candid, I really don’t know what to say. Seeing the four minutes sad video makes me sick. I couldn’t even finish it. Even now, I feel like spitting and vomiting.  How could a 4-year-old boy have erection? How could a 14-year-old girl understand sex so much that she couldn’t control herself? Personally, I think their parents should be blamed for the devilish act because they must have seen their parents in action to have been able to know all they know about sex. It’s obvious their parents neglected the area of sex education because if they do, they would have known that sex is not meant for children. The parents of the kids should be properly dealt with if found because, as it is, they are the core culprits of the shameful act that their children exhibited. Honestly, the night I saw the video, I felt like reaching out to their parents. I mean, this is really bad. It is very disgusting and disappointing. We need to find solution to things like this so that they don’t happen again.”
Another woman, Maureen Okonkwo, 47, a business woman avowed that when she saw the video, “I was almost in tears.” She said: “The video demoralised me on that day. I think parents need to be careful about their children’s wards. I mean, this is simply crazy and sickening. What could be more appalling if not such a horrific act? It simply shows she has been having sex for a long time. I actually care less if she wants to ruin her life, but why choose the small innocent boy when there are so many mature guys out there looking for free sex? I just pray she’s not HIV positives because it will be unfair to that little boy who seems to have been enjoying the whole thing. Sincerely, ghetto life can be horrible because I can imagine that their parents must have been out to get them food. So, tell me, how will they have time to know what is going on in their children’s lives? God help us and I pray the appropriate authorities see this video and do something about it. The girl needs deliverance and help.”
On the other hand, many enraged readers and viewers turned their anger against the anonymous person who recorded the video. While many castigated the faceless culprit, others cursed him. Currently, an effort has been launched to unmask the anonymous person who instead of chastising the erring children chose to record their sinful action.
A petition trending among Nollywood stars reads: “How many of my dear friends are in this with me? ...It [the video] was sent through a weblink. I am talking with some child rights group already. Whoever did the recording is an adult. It is the greatest form of child abuse as far as I am concerned for an adult to film this whole sordid details without stopping the act... Weblinks can be traced. I want us to stand together to insist that the relevant authorities must investigate this and those culpable must be brought to book. I have not had any peace since. I am set and ready to champion this cause. I believe you should be too. I will start with my name. Please add yours and let’s see how many names can be signed up to prove to the authorities that we want justice.”

‘The kids need deliverance’ –Pastors

This is just to tell you that the coming of God is near. These days we see all kind of things happening in the society. Even in the church, terrible things happen.  It simply means God is coming anytime soon. I am a mother with kids. Believe me when a contact sent me the broadcast message about the video last week, I was shocked and it made me more vigilant about my wards. I suspect the person who had the guts to record the video for that long because I couldn’t even finish watching it. My advice for parents is this:  Please children are blessings from God, once you spoil them now; you can’t recover from the damage. And Bible says, teach your child so that he or she would give you rest.

Oh my God! This is satanic. It’s a demonic act. At the moment, I feel disgusted and I am afraid this will destroy the lives of these children. Let me clear you on this note, the kids are possessed. Before you called, one of our pastors told me about it. But I have some questions about the video.  How come the person who recorded the video had the presence of mind to go on with it for that long? Aren’t we supposed to be questioning his motive? That girl is an infant just as the boy is. She and the younger boy need to be protected and taken to a rehabilitation centre or church for deliverance. They must be possessed because it is obvious that it is the devil that is controlling them.  To be candid, I find it hard to refer to that clip as an act of “molestation” because it seems the boy was aware of most of the things he was doing.
Several names have already been appended to this virtual petition. The list includes Omonitie Omozele, filmmaker Fidelis Duker and erstwhile national President of Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) Segun Arinze, among others. They vowed not to relent until the faceless person behind the video has been caught and brought to book.
Source: Entertianment Express Nigeria

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