Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Four young girls of a junior secondary school in Yaba, Lagos State, may have been deflowered prematurely while the school authority may have also caused an intensive investigation into the act against the girls.

The man behind this is one Sunday Okwu a resident of No 14, Craig Street, Shomolu, Lagos.Okwu, 38, is reported to have had carnal knowledge of the school girls. For several months, these three girls (names withheld) would leave their school at break time to visit Okwu in his one-room apartment. While there, these girls are reportedly locked inside Okwu’s room for hours, sometimes not to return to school until closing hours when they would go home.

Anytime Okwu’s co-tenants asked him who the girls were and what they were always doing in his room during school hours, Okwu would tell them that they were either daughters of his sister’s friends, or some sort of relations. Okwu, a commercial motorcycle rider, usually does his business in the early hours of the day and late in the evening. The whole of the afternoon, he spent in-doors in the company of the three girls. It is learnt that once these girls were locked inside Okwu’s room, they engaged in watching pornographic films, whichOkwu would have rented a day before their visit. Okwu reportedly bought food stuffs which one or two of the girls would cook while others busied themselves with pornographic films.

But Okwu was not only spending his money on running his generators alone. It was later discovered that the girls were also made to put to practice what they watched in those films with Okwu in his room.

Okwu reportedly slept with the girls one after the other while others were made to watchthe live action.

This had been going on for months until the bubble burst on Monday, 2 July, 2012.

On the fateful day, the girls reportedly went straight to Okwu’s house and had their sex romp, but all had to be in school that afternoon for an important class work. After their usual sex romp, the girls headed for their school to honour their class teachers.

But the class teacher of one of them, who cared to examine her pupil critically, suddenly noticed semen on the lower part of the girl’s school uniform. That was when the teacher raised the alarm and the girls were reportedly whisked to the office of the school principal.

After threats of stern punishment and possible ejection from the school, the young girl owned up and gave a detailed account of the illicit affairs she and her colleagues had been having with Okwu.

With the girl’s revelation, the school authority promptly alerted the girl’s parents who lived at No 36, Akoka Street, Shomolu.

On the second day, when Okwu did not hear from his ‘prey’, he sensed danger and decided not to call their mobile phones. Already, the girl’s parents had reported the mater at AladePolice Station and law enforcement agents swung into action immediately.

Okwu was met sleeping on the carpet in his room; he was promptly arrested by the law enforcement agents.

Okwu was later charged to court and remanded at the Ikoyi prisons. Okwu was not available for his comment, but a teacher in the school who preferred anonymity, told Saturday Mirror that the matter is being handled by the police.

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